Ken Riley #13

Ken Riley

“I always felt that he knew our system, our game plan, that he had viewed our films, that he knew our tendencies, my tendencies. From an intellectual standpoint, he was going to take away what I did well. He wasn’t an in-your-face bumping guy, but he was going to be where he needed to be when he needed to be there. I knew he was going to challenge me every play.”

Ken Riley

Ken Jerome Riley

Born August 6, 1947, is a professional American football defensive back who played his entire career for the Cincinnati Bengals, in the American Football League in 1969 and in the NFL from 1970 through 1983.

A Humble Legend…

Ken Riley

A Life Dedicated
To The Game

Drafted in 1969
Cincinnati Bengals 1969–1983
All-Pro (1973, 1975, 1976, 1983)
Ken Riley

“Coach Brown said that I was going to be a cornerback.”

I was put in that position and I had never played it before. I think that was good, as I did not have any bad habits. They felt that I had the quick feet and could change direction. They took a chance on me and it worked out well. I never looked back. I was just happy to have the opportunity.”


Retired But Still In The Game

Riley retired from the Bengals after the 1983 season. During his tenure, the Bengals made the playoffs five times and appeared in the Super Bowl.   After taking off the uniform he coached with the Green Bay Packers for two years, before moving on to a head coaching position with Florida A&M.  “I got summoned by my [college] coach Jake Gaither.